Happy Fall!

Where one starts from

Fall, one of the most beautiful times of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. So far it’s been pretty dry, gloriously sunny, and temperatures have been ideal.

The local real estate market here in the Vancouver and Portland metro area has cooled off along with the temperatures, slowing down from the fast pace that was set in June and July. That’s not to say the market is in bad shape. Southwest Washington new listings are up 12.7% over this time last year, along with a 21.5% increase in pending sales… the highest for this market since 2005.

If you’re considering buying or selling, I’d like to offer you my free e-books, available for download right here! I’m happy to present two guides to help you on your journey: Buying a Home, Fall 2015 edition and Selling your House, Fall 2015 edition.  You’ll find both of these e-books full of helpful information to get your wheels turning as you consider the real estate market, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, or a homeowner looking for a change in lifestyle.

And as always, my free app is available to download. It’s always fun to have access to photos and information when you drive by a for sale sign and are just curious.

Happy Fall!



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