What’s the cost of waiting until next year to buy a home?

The latest CoreLogic Home Price Index was released this past week. Included in the research was CoreLogic’s Forecasted Year-Over-Year Percent Change.

The nation as a whole is forecasted to experience 4.3% appreciation over the course of the next twelve months (August ’15 – August ’16); compared to the 6.9% already achieved over the past year (August ’14 – August ’15).

Below are the Forecasted Year-Over-Year Price Appreciation Map and the Year-Over-Year Price Change Map:

Slide2 Slide1

As you can see on the maps, at 5.1% and 6.1%, Oregon and Washington are anticipated to see price appreciation above the national average. What you might not realize is, appreciation of 5-6% are expected to lead to a price increase of 9-10% in Oregon and Washington.

If you want to discuss what these expected increases might mean to your home purchasing experience, let’s get together for coffee and chat.


Shana 360-904-8497


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