The TV Debate: Hidden Pleasure or Loud and Proud?


Confession: I am a pop culture junkie. I watch the most popular shows, like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I’ve done my time binging on Pretty Little Liars and Scandal on Netflix. And am not above the occasional Us or People Magazine reading spree… preferably on the couch with a glass of wine.

That said… we don’t have a TV. We don’t have cable. We don’t have satellite. We don’t receive local channels with a decoder box. If I want to watch something, I watch it on my iPad mini. Family movie night = huddled on the couch around a laptop. (Disclaimer: My daughter has a TV in her room but it’s only connected to internet content, and the risk of life/limb to enter her disaster zone room is far too high.)

When we made our downsize move from a 2,500 sq ft home with two living areas to a 1,400 sq ft condo with one living room, the previous owners were gracious enough to leave their giant flat screen TV mounted over the fireplace. This was met with cheers from my husband and daughter and jeers from me. Our living room is an open space, sharing airspace with the dining room and the kitchen. Which means? When one person watches TV, everyone on the main floor of the condo is watching TV. Whether they want to or not.

There are several responses to “We don’t have a TV” when it comes up in conversation. Some people are impressed (don’t be; see iPad note above) and some people think it’s a humble brag (it’s not; see iPad note above). But either way, I think we are definitely in the minority of middle class American families. In fact, I have a friend who lives in a condo, larger than mine, with no children, and they have a TV in their living room, in their master bedroom, in the kitchen, in the guest room and in the “bonus” room they use as a home office. That’s five TVs for two people living in 1,800 sq ft.

When looking at new homes with clients, “Where’s the TV going to go” is a HUGE topic of conversation and the preference seems to be either (a) a big screen as the centerpiece of the room or (b) hide the TV away.


If you like to keep your viewing habits more discreet, has four cools ways to make your flat screen vanish featured on their web site today. And Better Homes and Garden has some great suggestions for decorating around the television.

What’s your preference? Does your TV take center stage? Or is it tucked away? Or are you part of the no TV minority?

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