If you’re going to live in a castle, it should certainly be guarded by dragons


This castle just outside of Washington DC is not only guarded by fire-breathing dragons, but it’s also for sale. Built of brick and wood in 1939, this Tudor-style castle is listed for $1.5 million… not intended for peasants, but royalty apparently!

The 5,526 square foot suburban castle is situated between two wooded conservation areas, acting as a connection point between the two, creating what the owner describes as “a highway for all the critters that go between them.” Adding, “It’s very peaceful and very calming.”


Per Realtor.com: The five-bedroom home features four fireplaces, a carriage house, a 108-solar-panel array, a three-car garage, a ballroom area, and a media room behind a trick bookshelf in the basement (the family added the secret room in 1997). Outside is a Chartres-style labyrinth (for when you’re feeling meditative) and a garden that yields blueberries and asparagus.


To take a look at interior photos and more exterior pics, check out the full story by Craig Donofrio on Realtor.com.


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